I was born in 1951 and brought up on a farm until my teenage year I worked on couple of farms until I turned 16. I worked part time after school and full time in the summer months. Graduated in 1969 and went full time. Married in 1970 and still married with four kids. After a few years, I learned that emergency groups in town needed volunteers. So I joined the Upper Perkiomen Valley Ambulance Corps. around 1982. In 1985 I went to school to train as an EMT. I passed the course in 1986. I was asked to be the chief engineer. I was responsible for keeping our ambulances maintained. I also had to teach our members
how to drive an ambulance safely. After that, I was elected the training officer. I provided training for our members. I also was a cpr instructor for the American Heart and Red Cross. I certified our members and also taught public classes. I also became an instructor to teach First Responder courses to our members and the public. After sometime, I was elected as a board member. The training for ems is hands on and a written test. Running ambulance, some calls are dangerous with patients out of control. Sids death to cardiac arrest, gun shots to stabbing, spinal injuries to amputations, vehicle and water rescues. The company I worked for asked me to setup and run the medical team. I worked EMS for 22/23 years. And I worked in a furniture factory for over 32 years.

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